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Grow your business to an unprecedented level with our authentic content marketing strategy, with high conversion rates at the lowest possible prices.

Are your products and/or services already saturated in your local, core market? 

Are you looking to expand your reach in a different market so that you can increase your sales and profitability?

Is your product and/or service selling very well in your home country, and you’re thinking of differentiating yourself by building a global brand?

Do you want to reduce your dependence on current markets by spreading your risk?

Or are you selling specialized products and/or services and there’s been a sudden fall in demand, or demand has begin to slide? 

If your answers to those questions are YES, then you need to look at the Chinese market as an alternative as soon as possible! 

5 Reasons You’re Missing the Boat If You’re Not Marketing to the Chinese Now

(1) With close to 1.58 billion people and real disposable incomes rising by 7% yearly in China, consumer spending will continue to grow in high single digits this year. 

(2) As of August 2017, China has an online population of 751 million and more than 95% are using mobile devices to access the Internet.

(3) In Singapore alone, there are more than 1 million Chinese nationals, and up to 80% of them have strong purchasing powers. 

(4) More than 35 million Chinese migrants from China had populated more than 150 countries worldwide, especially the US, UK, Korea, Japan, Canada, Australia, Italy, Bangladesh and Spain.

(5) Smaller urban cities will become the larger driver of growth and consumer spending in the next 10 years, becoming wealthier and more eager to spend. As the 1st and 2nd-tier cities get saturated, brands may also begin reaching out to customers in these 3rd and 4th-tier cities and you really can’t afford to miss out being one of the first in these cities! 

Sources: China Statistical Report on Internet Development, UnionPay 2011

You can’t afford to delay any longer – get a first-mover advantage over your competitors and get there before they do! Taking that bold step to enter a new market that your competitors haven’t entered might out-maneuver that domestic-only rival with a stronger company performance. 

But in the unique digital eco-system that is China, there are no Facebook, Instagram or Twitter but only WeChat, Weibo and a couple of lesser known micro-platforms. Though these are very effective in helping to reach out to the Chinese, it’s also proving a challenge for marketers due to their vastly different characteristics from Western social media. But we’re confident we can help you with our expertise.

We’re Here to Help!

We are a team of bilingual, native Chinese-speaking social media managers who have helped businesses, brands and entrepreneurs create authentic and viral content on Weibo and WeChat, using our own methodology to deliver messages that’s really targeted ‒ enticing their audience to engage, act and even share it with their circle. With this strategy, we are able to bring their business and branding to the next level ‒ something they never imagined was possible and we can do the same for you.

Why Us?

Despite having more than a decade of experience at hand, we know that it doesn’t make us any better than the rest of the Chinese content marketing service providers. This is why, our team is not only equipped with experience but a full spectrum of unique approaches, out-of-the-box ideas and ingenious ways of solving whatever problems you’re facing in marketing yourself, your business or brand to the Chinese.


An Authentic Content Marketing Strategy Targeted Specifically at the Chinese Audience

Cost Effective Methods to Achieve Your Goals Fast!
Tailored Strategy that Focuses on Your Objective and Getting the Highest ROI Possible
No Spammy, Marketing Tactics That Will Get Your Account Banned
Excellent Support with Native Understanding of the Chinese Market
And the Desire to Help You Skyrocket Your Business or Brand in China ASAP!

This is what allows us to do what most businesses can’t. And it’s not their fault. Nobody is exceptional at everything. Everyone has a unique set of skills, and they’re only great at that.

We believe that entrepreneurs are multi-skilled, talented individuals who wish to make a change in the world, but they can only do so much. This is where they need a helping hand so they can focus on the actual running of the business while we take care of their brand and social media marketing and bring it to new heights.

So, How Much?

We’re definitely not out of reach. That investment that you spent will be worth what we’re going to help you get back because we know what we’re doing and we know how to help you, our clients reach your goals.

You could absolutely save your moola, get a native Chinese executive to help you, or even try to create your own content. But you run the risk of wasting your time and efforts, or even wasting money on hiring an intern who knows nothing about creating content. If you don’t want that, then let’s talk!

What Can You Do?

WeChat and/or Weibo Official Corporate Account Application and Setup
WeChat Minisites
WeChat Shops
WeChat Mini Programs
WeChat and/or Weibo Content Management Strategy with Branded and Unique Content such as Graphics & Copy Monthly
Active Fans Engagement
Influencers/KOLs Outreach

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