How to Reach 1 Billion Chinese Consumers

Using WeChat Marketing

Chinese Social Media

In China, a country of more than 1.4 billion people who have no access to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, the most commonly used communications platform is none other than WeChat.

About 1 billion of them (Source: Tencent, March 2018) are using it to network with their friends, read news and reports, make video and voice calls, shop, play games or even pay for physical goods offline. [Out of this number, about 10% are using the international version WeChat, while the remaining 90% are using the Chinese version Weixin (微信)].

With so many users accessing WeChat every day and using its multiple functions, WeChat marketing definitely offers a very powerful way to connect with your customers.

“Social media will help you build up loyalty of your current customers to the point that they will willingly, and for free, tell others about you.” – Bonnie Sainsbury

WeChat Marketing Features

WeChat has lots of popular features, including the following which offers immense potential for WeChat marketing:

  • Moments – The Chinese version of Facebook feed, with more than 60% of WeChat users accessing WeChat Moments each time they open the app, and 22.6% of them use it often.
  • New Media Formats -WeChat just introduced Music, Video and a camera with editing capabilities, presenting new opportunities for viral marketing.
  • WeChat eCommerce & WeChatPay – Sell directly to Chinese customers via e-Commerce shops, with cross-border payments support.
  • WeChat Mini Program – WeChat mini-programs provide advanced features to users like e-commerce, task management and coupons.
  • WeChat Games – WeChat users can visit the in-app app store to download games, launch games from within the app and then use WeChat’s social features to add a social dimension to their experience.
  • WeChat Shake – a very simple concept that allows you to connect with people when you shake your phone.
  • Localised Ads – Costs for these localized ads can be as low as 50RMB for 1000 impressions in some districts, with a minimum buy of at least 300 RMB. This feature will be available in 22 large Chinese cities.
  • WeChat Search – WeChat’s search bar has begun offering results outside of the app itself, significantly improving its capabilities, and providing users with an opportunity to conduct their searches without leaving the app.
  • WeChat QR Code – WeChat QR code allows users to find and connect with other users without adding their number. Also, you can use it to make payments or scan for games.

There are also other features such as WeChat Wallet, WeChat Stickers, WeChat Video Call/Phone Call, WeChat Red Packet, WeChat Out, Web WeChat, People Nearby, Message in a Bottle, Track Delivery, Order Food, Reserve Tables, Send a Postcard and more. The potential uses for marketing are really limitless.

Our WeChat Marketing Solutions

Our team of native Chinese content creators based in China and Singapore are experienced with the language and sensitivities of Chinese social media, and we will ensure that the process is fuss-free and smooth.

  • Verified WeChat Official Account (Subscription or Service) Creation
  • WeChat Mini Program or Mini Site Creation
  • WeChat Content Strategy
  • WeChat Advertising Strategy and Consultancy
  • KOLs Promotion and Management
  • WeChat Account Management and Technical Support

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