We’re a result-driven SEO consultant who have helped many businesses rank for important keywords on the search engine ranking pages of Google and Baidu, China’s most important search engine.

Our approach starts by understanding your target audience, defining the buyer personas and then understanding their media consumption patterns. This will eventually help us formulate our SEO strategy and keywords.

Some SEO companies use black hat SEO, which means the use of aggressive SEO strategies, techniques and tactics that does not adhere to search engines guidelines. There’s a fine line between black hat and white hat SEO, so it is important to know what you’re getting before selecting an SEO consultant for your business.

We guarantee that you will get:

The expertise of a team of experts with more than 11+ years’ of SEO experience and who have handled 100+ projects.
For Baidu, we work with a specialised search engine team in China who are experienced in delivering good rankings for your search terms.
A professional, 100% white hat SEO campaign backed by our proven track record of success.​​​​​
A customised SEO package that is only suitable for your business and your objective.​​​​​
Reasonable pricing suitable for small local businesses and startups.
Our own proprietary CORE analytics engine to help our clients gain rankings efficiently.


​Though we follow a systematic process for SEO, our package is always customised for your business because a standard package may not be suitable or fair if you have already put in some efforts to rank your website. It also depends on your objective, and how many keywords you want to be ranked for.



Our SEO consultant will start each SEO project with a detailed analysis of your company, your target audience and buyer personas, your competitors and the industry your company is in, and we will also carry out an in-depth analysis of your onpage SEO if relevant.




After getting to know your website intimately, our SEO consultant will then proceed to make the necessary changes to your onpage SEO such as titles, meta descriptions, page speed and the site architecture.

Keyword Research

We will conduct competitor and customer profile analysis to find out what keywords your audience uses to search for your products and services. We also use professional SEO keyword research tools to make sure that each keyword we find for you is long tail, low competition and of a good search volume.

Content Creation

We will create useful content in your niche to educate and engage your audience, and guide them along their purchase journey. Together with our keyword research strategy, we will create compelling website copy that converts, infographics that bring in traffic and long articles that aims to educate your consumers.


Link Building

​This is probably the most important step in the content creation process – promoting your content. The techniques that our SEO consultant will use includes:

  • Creating awareness on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, WeChat, Weibo, etc. depending on which platform is suitable for your products/services
  • Creating information-rich infographics, videos etc. and sharing them on relevant sites
  • Getting guest posts on relevant websites and blogs
  • Sending out press releases to only the well known press release sites
  • Helping you in running viral marketing campaigns (ad costs are additional)

Blogger Outreach

Getting your products and services out to influencers or key opinion leaders (KOLs) is probably one of the trickiest part of the marketing process, and we’re here to simplify it for you. We can assist you in getting in touch with the bloggers in your niche who matches your business to see if they would like to work with you.

Some examples of blogger outreach include: sponsored posts, product reviews, product placement and online promotions or giveaways.