Digital Marketing Training Courses


Our digital marketing training courses are different from the others because:

  • We provide small group personalised coaching.
  • All our trainers have actual experiences with the subjects that they are teaching and have achieved good results.
  • We can customise a course or training according to your needs and requirements, such as when you already know a certain module and would like to learn another topic.
  • We don’t leave you alone after the course but remain contactable via mobile phone, Skype, Facebook groups or email any time.
  • We don’t only teaches you the technical aspects of a tool, but also advises you on how you can use or integrate it into your entire marketing campaign.

With the rise of digital technologies, companies are facing a rapid explosion of new digital marketing tools daily and the constant bombardment from social media channels. To succeed, marketers must not only know how to use these digital marketing tools but also be able to plan, implement and measure accurately their impact and know how to integrate them with their traditional marketing and business goals. This is where we shine with our portfolio of courses as our coaching focuses on how marketers today can achieve all these objectives.


  • How to Use WeChat and Weibo for the Chinese Market
  • Build Your Own Website or Blog Using WordPress
  • Build Your Own Affiliate Website to Generate a Side Income
  • Build Your Own E-Commerce Website (WooCommerce)
  • How to Build a Lead Generation Conversion Funnel
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Skillsfuture Claimable¬†
  • Target Customer Profiling
  • How to Find the Best Products to Sell Online
  • Making Money with Your Designs – Exploring Print-on-Demand Platforms as a Business
  • Basics of Wondershare Filmora
  • Instagram Marketing and Analytics