A Beginner’s Guide to Radio Advertising in Singapore

Although digital marketing is now the most popular channel of advertising, radio advertising is still an efficient medium to reach out to your customers. This is because radio advertising is an extremely cost effective one that you can use to reach out to a large, targeted audience. For companies such as automobile dealers, jewellery companies, … Read more

The Art of Using Foreshadowing in Emails to Create Anticipation

Email marketing, defined as the art of sending a commercial message using email, usually to a targeted group of consumers. Although today there are also other channels of communications such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and other social media platforms, email marketing still remains one of the most effective forms of communications to achieve a positive … Read more

How You Can Sell to the Chinese Expat Community in Singapore

There is a trend that is set to alter the population demographics of many key cities in the world, including Singapore. This trend is the increasing number of mainland Chinese emigrating to different countries, and Singapore is the top destination in Asia for 3%, or some 870,000, of current and would-be Chinese affluent emigrants, due … Read more

Effective Headlines for Your Business

If you want to generate revenue for your business, you need effective headlines that really work. Here’s a very comprehensive list from ProCopyTips, who got his inspiration from two books, Tested Advertising Methods by and How to Make Your Advertising Make Money, both by John Caples, a copywriter famed for rigorously testing headlines and advertising copies to … Read more

Top 5 Social Media Platforms for Your Small Business

Many small businesses do not have any idea how to promote their products and services via social media platforms, and the increasing digital channels out there that is flooding the internet in recent years is not exactly helping the situation. But it is definitely not wise to ignore these digital platforms as online sales have become a very lucrative … Read more

How To Create Business Mailing Lists For Free

When you first decide to use internet marketing to promote yourself or your business, and realise the importance of getting business mailing lists of your own targeted customers, what can be done? You know you definitely need an autoresponder, but the trickier part is how essentially to link this up to your WordPress website for your potential customers’ … Read more


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