Master Your Weibo Marketing Strategy in 30 Minutes

China has more than 700 million internet users, and more than 90% of them accesses the web via their smartphones (Source: China Internet Network Information Centre). Among them, Sina Weibo, the most popular micro-blogging platform in the country that has been named ‘Twitter of the East’, is the preferred way of communication for media services … Read more

Major Types of WeChat Advertising

So you’ve already created a WeChat official account for your business. What next? You probably want to do some WeChat advertising to reach out to potential customers because frankly, it is almost impossible to get much publicity without doing some WeChat advertising in China. WeChat Advertising: Marketing to a Chinese Audience There are a few kinds of WeChat advertising … Read more

30 Books Every SEO Business Should Read

Thus far, SEO has the greatest effect on lead generation apart from paid ads, and an effective marketing strategy can’t run to its maximum potential without the inclusion of SEO. What’s unique about this marketing technique is that it has to work intimately with all other aspects of digital marketing such as content marketing, social media, … Read more

25 Infographic Tools that Every Content Marketing Guru Should Know

Almost certainly, we humans process images faster than words and hence, graphics representations such as infographics are very popular tools that marketers have been using to gain popularity in their niche because such graphics and data visualisation are easy and fast to read, and I suspect, memory retention rate could be higher too. Often, such … Read more


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