WordPress.org and WordPress.com – Which Platform Shall You Choose for Your New Website?

The trigger for this article came because of a haughty remark made by a PR consultant in a small local Singapore firm recently, who asked why they should hire a WordPress trainer if she can easily teach her own staff, since she already owns a WordPress blog she had installed for free. I didn’t bother … Read more

Website Redesign Checklist – 10 Signs It’s Time for A Revamp

Your official web portal is your business’ unofficial ‘shopfront’ and ‘business card’ and a reflection of your professionalism. Up to 75% of people judge the credibility of a business based on the design of its website (Stanford University). Your site is also where your target audience get their information and engage with your products or … Read more

Is Your Web Design Company Overcharging You?

You’re just starting your business, and one of the first few things that you probably need to do is to set up a website as it is not wise not to have a strong online presence nowadays, with abundant opportunities lurking in the virtual world. And if you’ve narrowed down your choice to a preferred web … Read more


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