10 Best Inspirational Stories to Change Your Life

The following article has been translated from CWMoney, Taiwan. Inspirational Stories to Change Your Perspective (1) Life is But a Dream A mouse fell into half a tank of rice, and was delighted. After checking that there was no danger, he ate the rice and fell asleep immediately. Such is life, and he ate and slept in … Read more

The Economics of Doing Business

The Economics of Doing Business  One young lady went to buy milk. The seller told her, “1 bottle for $3, 3 bottles for $10.” The lady was speechless, but took out $3 to buy 1 bottle, and did it three times. She said to the seller,”You see, I spent only $9 to buy 3 bottles!’ … Read more

This Simple Leaflet Gives a 25% Conversion Rate

I recently came across this article from a Chinese portal, and was quite intrigued by one of the writer’s marketing experiments about his conversion rate, thinking how relevant it will be to a small business, who could probably value creative design more than the message. This leaflet shows that this is not necessarily the case and the … Read more


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