The Ultimate WeChat Marketing Plan

800 million people worldwide are using WeChat, and of this, 10% are using the international version of WeChat, while the remaining 90% are using the Chinese version of WeChat called WeiXin. Also, more than 120 million Chinese travelled overseas in 2015 and by 2020, this is expected to rise to 200 million. If you are … Read more

30 Books Every SEO Business Should Read

Thus far, SEO has the greatest effect on lead generation apart from paid ads, and an effective marketing strategy can’t run to its maximum potential without the inclusion of SEO. What’s unique about this marketing technique is that it has to work intimately with all other aspects of digital marketing such as content marketing, social media, … Read more

25 Infographic Tools that Every Content Marketing Guru Should Know

Almost certainly, we humans process images faster than words and hence, graphics representations such as infographics are very popular tools that marketers have been using to gain popularity in their niche because such graphics and data visualisation are easy and fast to read, and I suspect, memory retention rate could be higher too. Often, such … Read more

A Beginner’s Guide to Radio Advertising in Singapore

Although digital marketing is now the most popular channel of advertising, radio advertising is still an efficient medium to reach out to your customers. This is because radio advertising is an extremely cost effective one that you can use to reach out to a large, targeted audience. For companies such as automobile dealers, jewellery companies, … Read more and – Which Platform Shall You Choose for Your New Website?

The trigger for this article came because of a haughty remark made by a PR consultant in a small local Singapore firm recently, who asked why they should hire a WordPress trainer if she can easily teach her own staff, since she already owns a WordPress blog she had installed for free. I didn’t bother … Read more

Website Redesign Checklist – 10 Signs It’s Time for A Revamp

Your official web portal is your business’ unofficial ‘shopfront’ and ‘business card’ and a reflection of your professionalism. Up to 75% of people judge the credibility of a business based on the design of its website (Stanford University). Your site is also where your target audience get their information and engage with your products or … Read more

The Art of Using Foreshadowing in Emails to Create Anticipation

Email marketing, defined as the art of sending a commercial message using email, usually to a targeted group of consumers. Although today there are also other channels of communications such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and other social media platforms, email marketing still remains one of the most effective forms of communications to achieve a positive … Read more

Factors Influencing the Cost of Infographic Services

Many marketers think that an infographic is just presenting a chuck of data, statistics or information visually, but more than that, an infographic tells a brand story, help you connect with your audience and make them understand your offerings better in an easy-to-digest format, ultimately resulting in a call-to-action and a positive return on investment. … Read more


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