Digital Marketing Company with Strategies that are Built Around Your Company's Goals in China

MagicHoth is a digital marketing company that help businesses worldwide get up to 10x more leads with our effective content marketing strategies. We specialise in marketing to the Chinese audience in China and beyond.​

Based in Singapore, we currently work with clients all over the world including Japan, US, UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.


Rich Marketing Experience

Headed by a bilingual team with more than 15 years’ of marketing experience, comprising traditional media such as TV, radio, print, PR, events and digital marketing.

Effective All-In-One Solutions

We specialise in Chinese content marketing solutions for Chinese social media such as WeChat, Weibo, Douban, as well as blog posts, translation, Chinese PR news releases and distribution as well as KOL content and management.

Content-Driven Business

We have a team of bilingual social media and content strategists with a focus on achieving good ROI organically through effective content creation and dissemination.

Streamlined Process

Our workflow, from proposals, work approval, research, content management, analytics all the way to invoicing and bills, have been streamlined, making it much easier for you to work with us.


With more than 15 years’ of experience in marketing and an in-depth knowledge of the Chinese market, our digital content marketing company can provide you with first class, premium quality content that will get you a good ROI. And all that at pocket-friendly costs!

Our focus is in getting to know your products or services very well. Once we kickstart the project, we will narrow down to your specific target audience and use the appropriate content marketing strategy to capture their attention and buy-in and help you increase your revenue.

Our team will get to know your business intimately, as well as your competitors and their content. Our bilingual content marketing force will then map out an effective Chinese content marketing plan specially tailored for your business.

Our team of professional content creators are all native speakers and writers from their country of origins such as China, Taiwan or Singapore. Our Chinese content will be created to specially target your audience which might be from different Chinese-speaking countries.

We have access to a strong network of influencers and KOLs in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore and Malaysia to help bring your products and/or services to the Chinese audience.

Every business is unique and hence we don’t apply a mass market approach but customise relevant Chinese content marketing solutions to your products or services.

We have many years’ of experience in traditional and digital marketing channels and Chinese content marketing and can advise you on which platforms and strategies will work best together into one synchronized campaign.

We do not bind you to a long-term contract for any monthly content marketing packages. You can terminate any time!

With a team of dedicated experts in various fields on hand, we are able to work on your projects full-time, with 100% commitment.

We are constantly staying on top of new technologies, software and industry trends so you won’t be left behind. It’s our passion!