6 Ways You Can Use Cartoons to Market Your Brand

Cartoons – what don’t we love about them? Besides being a great way to connect with your customers who are fans of your brand, they are also a fun way for them to share your brand stories, and a fantastic media for you to convey your brand’s thoughts, feelings and stories in a more subtle way. 

Use cartoons to further brand yourself in your next marketing campaign, and you can just end up doubling your conversions, as statistics and newspapers test results have already reported such a trend. You only need to know how, and here are 6 ways you can use cartoons to market and promote your brand’s new products or services.

(1) Create a Buyer Persona 

Your first step in creating your own brand cartoons is to get to know your target audience, and then create a fictional buyer persona based on that knowledge. Find out how old are your audience, where they come from, which websites do they visit, and any other information. Give your buyer persona a name, a gender, a personal background and a job.

Once you have that, start to build on stories which you can eventually turn into funny cartoons relating to your brand. You can also give your buyer persona a family and some friends and colleagues to add a personal touch to your company.

(2) Find a Humourous Angle

Approach your idea from a humourous angle, and you can find your customers liking and sharing your cartoons more often. Is there a unique feature in your new product that you can inject a sense of humour, or are there various disadvantages in your competitors’ products? Bring them out in your cartoons subtly and you will be able to connect intimately with your audience and make them share your content, especially when, for example, it is tailored to customers who have experienced the situation with your competitors’ products before.

(3) Use Your Brand Colours and Style 

Inject the same colours and style from your corporate brand guide into your marketing cartoons, and it will help to heighten your brand image. You can share your cartoons across your website, products, or social media, giving them a uniform look and feel so that your target customers will remember your products and services.

(4) Find Inspirations from Your Partners or Existing Clients 

Sometimes, your marketing partners or current customers could have experienced a pain point with your products and services, or they could have received comments from their families or friends about your products. Ask around for these feedback, and you might just be able to address their concerns with some funny and unique cartoons.

(5) Generate a ‘Best of the Best’ Series 

Get the top minds or users in your industry to contribute to your cartoons. Get a few bloggers related to your niche to contribute to your content, and then combine all their input into a ‘Best of the Best’ cartoon series.

(6) Promote, Promote and Promote! 

Finally, plan a social media strategy, and share your cartoons through all your social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube, and remember to ask everyone you know to help you share them! Just a little reminder, do remember to use one brand message for each campaign, and do not deviate from your message. Be consistent, coherent across all platforms, and most importantly, be genuine, be yourself, and chances are, you’ll end up with a winning campaign!

And lastly, here are 15 cartoonists that allow you to use their web comics for free, or check out the 5 best free cartoons making tools that you can use for your brand.

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