How to Quickly Generate An Embed Code for Your Corporate Infographic Design

Infographics, which are graphical visual representations of information, data or knowledge whose objective is to showcase information to its target audience quickly and clearly. According to Wikipedia, this form of corporate infographic design is useful because they help to enhance the human visual system’s ability to see patterns and trends.

You can post an infographic with a minimum size of 403 x 403 pixels, and up to 2048 x 2048 pixels. There are, however, specifications on the different sizes you can post on the different social media such as Facebook, Pinterest and Google+.

Most marketers use an embed code to generate a code for visitors to reshare their infographic, and below are the quick steps on how to quickly generate an embed code for your infographics.

(1) Upload to Your Website 

Upload the corporate infographic design with its full resolution and size to your website page, but resize it to fit the width of your website. Remember to provide an option for your audience to view the infographic properly, with text such as “Click here to enlarge”.

(2) Use an Embed Code Generator 

Use an embed code generator such as Siege’s Media or Neoman’s Share Code for your visitors to use your corporate infographic design on their website or blog, and include a URL that you want them to attribute the image to, such as “This infographic originates from [insert your URL], or “Infographic courtesy of [insert your URL]”.

Grab the URL from the page where you’ve hosted the infographic, plus the URL of the infographic image itself, and also include them here. Other information you need to input includes the width of the infographic, but leave the height empty so that the infographic can be pulled proportionately regardless of its width for different sites. The embed box’s width and height refer to the size of the box that displays the embed code that is to be on your website, and you have to use the size that you want this box to be for your website.

Also, input some alt text for the image of your infographic, for instance, the title of your infographic plus the word ‘infographic’ itself for the search engines to pick up.

Finally, generate the code, and copy and paste it into the HTML of your website, preferably below the image of the infographic. QuickSprout also shared a more detailed method of how to create and optimise the infographic. Next, don’t forget to also know the best practices of infographics and how to promote it properly.

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