10 Most Important Books to Expand Your Brain

Important BooksSays James Altucher, “Books, that if read widely, would change a billion lives.” I could not agree more with that. Here are James’ top 10 good picks and the most important books that you should read to change your life.

(1) “Mastery” by Robert Greene

(2) “Bold” by Peter Diamondis and Steven Kotler

(3) “Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell

(4) “Where Good Ideas Com From” by Steven Johnson

(5) “Man’s Search For Meaning” by Victor Frankl

(6) “Born Standing Up” by Steve Martin

(7) “Zero To One” by Peter Thiel

(8) “Quiet” by Susan Cain

(9) “AntiFragile” by Nassim Taleb

(10) “Mindset” by Carol Dweck

I have read about half of the books above, but would like to highly recommend Quiet by Susan Cain because if you’re an introvert, you would definitely identify with the book. Enjoy!

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Andrew Lim

Andrew Lim

Andrew Lim is a trainer and consultant in digital marketing and content creation with over 8 years' of experience helping clients such as Citibank, Coca-Cola, Marriot group and countless others. His specialty is in using video and interactive content to generate leads and results for customers. In his spare time, he goes to the gym and is a rabbit fanatic. Write to him at hello@magichoth.com.